Peep this New England Chapel

Early-American chapels are MY FAVORITE and thankfully, New England is a bountiful place for a chapel-phile like me. I love to stumble across a quaint, simple, Puritan-style house of God in my travels, even if I am just running a kid to and from gymnastics.

I happened to be doing just that when I first laid eyes on this gem:

The Union Chapel in the Podunk Village of East Brookfield, Mass., captured my heart right away. Here it is dressed for Christmas but it was just as dreamy in the fall when I discovered it. (BTW, the village is literally known as “Podunk,” I’m not knocking it!)

I lament that I am nearly 12 years a wife and so have no use for such a sweet church in which to exchange nuptials. I have wracked my brain and can’t think of anyone I know who might need a wedding venue soon, and my kids roll their eyes when I suggest THEY might want to be married here someday.

The Union Chapel is run by a group of stewards and was donated by a number of local churches years and years ago, and is available for rent as far as I can tell. Yes, I looked into it!

Peering in the windows, the simple protestant exterior gives way to a decidedly more Roman Catholic feel indoors. I am not sure what is going on there, as this doesn’t appear to be under the ownership of Rome by any stretch. I am sure there’s a story there and I would love to know more!

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